This five hour course is for people who have never been behind the wheel of a car before and is designed to teach you the basics of driving.

Course structure

Teaching you to drive

We make the first session two hours long so that we can be sure that by the end of it you will feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car and know how to make it move.

We start by introducing you to the vehicles controls, where they are, what they do and how to use them, once you know that then we are almost ready to get moving, we will teach you the basic cockpit drills to make sure that it’s safe to set off.

In that case it’s time to Prepare, Observe and Move




You are now driving, the rest of your first lesson will involve practising the above whilst driving on quiet safe streets where your instructor can assess your ability and start formulating a plan whereby you can become a calm, confident driver.

Your second and third lessons

What exactly happens during final three hours of our introduction to driving course really depends on you, we don’t believe in holding back an able driver and will push you as hard as we think you can handle safely. Everybody is different and our instructors will assess you individually and tailor your lessons to your requirements.

What ever happens will be at your pace. we are here to teach you, not judge you, and we do our best to make sure that by the end of the five hours you have the understanding and confidence to work towards your driving test.